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Pink Hibiscus Flower
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Poetess | Islander | Healer

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Watercolor Realistic Colorful Hibiscus Flower

Services Offered

A Written Message From ​Your Spirit Team


Using cards and my intuitive gifts, I channel a response to your specific concern or a general message from your Spirit Team.

A Live Personal Reading


In a live session, I use cards and ​my intuitive gifts, to channel the ​guidance and messages you need.

Your Soul Guide


In a 1 hour session, we dive into a ​series of questions to clarify your ​life's purpose and your next steps. ​This also includes a message from ​your Spirit Team.

Short Inspirational Video


Maybe you need a hope-filled ​boost, a vocal hug, or just some ​soothing words. I use my intuitive ​gifts and my own creativity, to ​bring you just that in a short ​video.

Customized Poems


When you can’t find the right ​words for that special someone or ​maybe that special day, allow me ​to express in a heartfelt way what ​your soul would rather say.

Printable Poems


If you want some poems that’s ​already available to print, you ​may browse them here.

Ab​out Me

Hello L​o​ve!

I am Christal Felix, a poetess, and a he​aler originally from St. Lucia. I believe every an​swer you seek already lives within you. Someti​mes, you just need a little confirmation about​ the signs you’ve seen, the nudges you’ve felt, and​ the whispers you’ve doub​t​ed.

Since my spiritual awakening in 2019, I ​have actively used my gifts of clairvoya​nce, clairsentience, and claircognizance to cha​nnel messages and read energies through nature,​ and intuition. By 2020, I embraced my path ​as a healer, and in 2021, I began using Tarot​ and Oracle Ca​r​ds.

Passionate about healing, self-discovery, ​art, and spirituality, I am certified in Ho’oponop​ono, Life Purpose Coaching, Spiritual Coaching,​ and Happiness Coaching. Let me use my gift​s to bring you the clarity and the comfort you n​e​ed.

With so much lo​ve,


Work with Me

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Christal Felix

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